Nordic Accessories And Apparel

Peak Performance has been recognized for years as the Go-To supplier of Nordic ski accessories in New England. We have a complete selection of poles, bindings, waxes, roller skis and clothing, with enough variety to satisfy the most avid skier or ski enthusiast.


At Peak Performance, we carry only the best in Nordic skiing poles. Our poles, by Swix, Exel, Ski*Go and Oneway, are the lightest and stiffest in the industry and our staff can fit you to a pole and pole length that is perfect for your skiing ability and body type.


Ready to take the plunge into full-time Nordic training? Peak Performance is the only store in New England that has the knowledge and the products to get you back into your ski boots during the summer months. We carry roller skis by Ski Skett, Start, and V2.

Wax:  The importance of good wax on your skis can never be underestimated. However, the initial purchase of wax can be daunting. Ski teams have a professional staff to select and purchase waxes for them, a role that at Peak, we are pleased to fill for you. For performance wax, there is only one source in the country with the combination of high-quality waxes and highly knowledgeable sales staff to advise you on your purchase. We carry kick and glide waxes, and waxing accessories from Swix, Start, Rode and we are the US distributor for Ski-Go wax.home accessories uk

Clothing: In a sport where your body is running hot while the weather varies from below zero to above freezing, a dress is essential. Peak carries performance Nordic skiing apparel from Swix and Craft, the two most recognized and trusted brands in Nordic skiing. Our clothes will keep you comfortable and dry all workouts long.

Sports Nutrition

Endurance events are tough on the body, and they require proper nutrition.  At Peak Performance we carry all of the food that you need to keep your energy levels high and to keep your legs moving towards your own personal best. Each person is unique in their nutritional needs, and we specialize in helping to identify what will help you get to the finish line.nordic components magazine extension

Sports Drinks:

Sports drinks come in a variety of formulations. For any activity that lasts longer than 30 minutes, if you are not replacing the electrolytes that you lose sweating, then you are not performing at your potential. This can lead to the dreaded bonk, something nobody wants to experience…ever. Electrolyte replacement drinks can consist of either complex or simple carbohydrates, or both, and come with or without protein. Peak Performance carries Hammer HEED, Cytomax, Accelerade, and Clif Shot Electrolyte drink.walker accessories

How about after your workout? Sore muscles? Fatigue? For after a workout, when your cells are screaming for protein, Peak carries recovery drinks that are specially formulated with protein to boost muscle recovery significantly. These drinks include Endurox, Hammer Recoverite, and Clif Recovery Drink.