How Much Muscle Can A Woman Gain With Strength Training?

Woman Gain With Strength TrainingHaving a higher percentage of muscle mass makes a woman look thin and toned. Some women avoid the weight room and prefer cardio, which burns more calories during training. While women are rarely as marked as men because they have lower levels of testosterone, some women do muscle more easily than others.

The specific quantity of film a woman gains depends upon her life, health level, material type, nutrition, and activity performance. Recognizing the significance of the position that strength training plays in your overall health and how your body response can help you determine the best way to include weights in your weekly exercise routine.

Body Types

Strength training affects women in different ways depending on their body type. Some women are genetically predisposed to gain muscle faster than others.

The mesomorphic bodies, which have more muscle mass, increase their muscle mass quicker and more dramatically than ectomorphic bodies, which are naturally thinner, even when the same training programs are followed. Your average testosterone and estrogen and your type of muscle fibers are genetically determined and affect the speed and manner in which you muscle.

To gain muscle a womanConsiderations

Another type of body, the endomorph, tends to have curves and higher levels of body fat. For women with this type of organization who want to look thin and gain muscle mass, they should lose weight in the form of body fat. Thin ectomorphic bodies will never be able to develop huge muscles, but they will be mighty.

If you are of the mesomorphic type and you become huge with strength training, focus on moderate masses with more copies to develop strong resistance, recommends the American Council on Exercise.

Profit Index

Most people develop ½ pound of muscle growth a week, says nutrition expert Dr. Melina Jampolis of CNN. Do regular strength training and stick to specific dietary strategies to achieve this index. According to the American Council on Exercise, most women will gain around 20 to 40% muscle strength after several months of resistance training.


Pay listening to your diet, while strong as your exercise habit. Eating a healthy meals diet that focuses on lean proteins, wholesome cereals, fresh vegetables and unsaturated oils, and avoiding processed meals that contain refined flours, combined sugars, extra sodium also trans and soaked fats, place maximize the results for improving fiber in the gym.


The training protocols of women should not differ from that of men. To gain muscle, a woman should lift weights heavy enough to cause fatigue of 8 to 12 repetitions. Lifting light weights with more repetitions only improves muscle endurance, or the ability of the muscle to do an exercise longer.

Muscle endurance does not improve tone, size or strength, says Lou Schuler, author of “The New Lifting Rules for Women.” Do full-body rounds at light twice a week, departing at least 48 hours between sessions. Choose weights whenever you can to stimulate both the primary muscles and the stabilizers.

Change your routine by adding new exercises or increasing the pressure of every four to six weeks to stimulate the muscles in new ways so that they continue to grow and feel challenged. When you can quickly perform 12 repetitions with one weight, increase it by about 5%.