Guide on How Female Athletes can Enhance Their Muscular Endurance

Female athletes do lots of sports that need muscular endurance. To achieve stronger muscles she should engage in long-distance running when specializing in track and field. Running should be a combination of speed and agility in long period of time. She could also do jumping. Any of these can be done, but having training program is better. strength training

Inappropriate training or who avoid weight room training won’t increase the strength of their muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments. In contrast, female athletes who build more muscle with proper strength training will run faster, jump higher, be more flexible and fight off injuries better than their weaker counterparts. The following are steps on how to enhance the muscular endurance of female Athlete.

  • Do dumb bell in 10 counts, 3 sets.
  • Side plank in 30 seconds, 2 sets.
  • Med Ball crunch, 20 counts, 2 sets
  • Sit ups, 10 counts, 3 sets
  • Overhead reach, 12 counts, 2 sets

Women should also use the machines in favor of compound, or multi-joint, exercises like Squats, Bench Presses, and Deadlifts, Push-Ups performed with a barbell, dumbbells or bodyweight.

For squat:

  • Flatten your feet
  • Stand up straight
  • Hips first
  • Bend your knees

muscular strength and enduranceDo these 20 counts in 3 sets.

Bench press is consisting of barbell rests across two supports on either side of a flat bench. Lie face up on the bench with your eyes underneath the barbell. If your feet reach the floor and you can keep your lower back, head, butt and shoulders pressed onto the bench, you are in the right position.

If not, bend your knees and place your feet on the bench or on a box on the floor. Select weights which you can perform the repetition. Standard weights are 45 pounds. Do these 10 counts, 4 sets 3 times in a week.

You can perform push ups with different equipment like:  chair, medicine ball, 2 3lbs dumb bell or water in bottle and the timer. Do some initial exercise. Proper technique must be done in push ups. Keep your straight back, tight you abdomen muscles, hands touching on the floor, head upward and look straight. Assure that stomach won’t hit the floor. Speed for push up 2 seconds. Repeat 20 counts in 5 sets.


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