Tips about Muscle Building for Women you Shouldn’t Miss

Nowadays women want to build muscles to stay fit and healthy. In order to achieve that, they need consistent exercise, proper diet to remove fats, and determination. They should have routine exercises that will create the muscles. Going to gym to have proper toning of muscles is one way to build it. muscular womenIt depends on what muscles they want to achieve, if it’s leg or arms muscles.

There are machines that will help better for building muscle can be found in gyms are shoulder press, Lat pull-down, cable tower, hanging leg raise Just be careful when using it.

Women can also do exercise at home either with equipment or not. Planking, push ups, crunches or even running can be done at home.

To use Lat pull-down, keep your chest to the bar. Point your elbows straight down. Squeeze your lats. Lower your chin. Grab outside your shoulders little wider. For shoulder press, sit down on machine.

Select the desired weight. Grab the handles and pull down. Exhale when you lift the handle with arms fully extended. Another machine is Cable tower, you can use this in any position you would prefer. Position a cable station handle at the shoulder height.

female bodybuildingStand from weight stack by facing away and grab the handle with your right hand, palm facing down, bent your elbow. Extend your left arm in front of you. Step your right foot backward into a split stance knees.

Brace your abs and forcefully drive the handle forward while your left elbow back. Repeat and switch the steps 20 times. For building leg muscle, women can use the thread mill. Just step on the board, set up the speed, length of activity then just walk.

When doing exercise at home, just prepare your timer; choose comfortable work place or simple equipment that you will use such as dumb bell, yoga mat. Prepare your sequence of exercise that you will execute.

Do some stretching first. Typical workout is the push up. In this type of workout you are building and increasing your cardio vascular that is good for your health.  Planking is one way to help build your arm muscles, reduce your flabby arms and also your belly.

Lay down facing on the floor or mat, arm downward. Make sure your body is straight while bending your arms.

Exhale when you lift your arms together with your body. Stomach must not touch the floor. Repeat planking 20 counts, 5 sets. girlswithmuscle You can do this sideways. Switch your left and right arm.

Just like planking you need to control your body touching on floor but this time it’s like sitting position-Squat. This exercise builds leg and arm muscles by forwarding your arm, bending knees in couples of minutes. Do this with repetition.

Muscle Building for Women

Aside from the exercise mention above food also helps building muscle. Know the muscle building diet that contains adequate protein. Foods like meat, dairy are essential protein foods. Complete protein food is vital because only essential amino acids can it stimulates muscle protein and halt breakdown.


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